The Doubtful Intervention

I forgot who is this guitarist, was performing in Timesquare Merdeka YouthJam.

Awesome stuff he has. But just kept me thinking what is the life of a famous artist as?
Would it definitely be better than a beggar? Don't so sure about it.
Because Life has its definitions.

The Surprising Rays

"God let your light shine in me, that i may play well on the stage of life"

The matters of all things

If God would care for flowers that are here and gone tomorrow,
what else is more important than you? =)

The gap of Time

Whenever, whereever, or just whoever you encounter with.

Just remember one thing.
well, life still goes on!
Time doesn't wait for you, but you have to chase it infact to succeed.

The exciting part of me!

The exciting part of me!
Something lighter

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2nd year USM Penang Architecture Degree Christian.AIESECer.Green Activist. Photographer.DEFINE ME. I do everything what everyone does. Because I am ordinary. And ordinary is extraordinary enough.


Why a second blog?

Like everyone else, we need reflections, in order to live life to the fullest in the way you define it. In this blog, i do it through pictures, part of me photography enthusiasm to promote social awareness though. But seriously? What is this life about?